To work with the best.

Right now, I have applied to work with the likes of AirBnB,  J.P Morgan, Pfizer, Axel Springer and among many others at Toptal — and I’m doing this for a number of reasons.

Working in digital freelance marketplaces can be ruthless, and unrewarding at times — when faced with the dilemma of competing against the lowest bidder, as well as submitting an endless stream of proposals for clients who don’t necessarily look at how skilful or experienced the creative is, but how low they can get the final cost of a project. I have had this experience in working with  other creative services marketplaces, but Toptal appears to be the outlier, set apart from this unfortunate stereotype.

I can appreciate what it means to seek good value, and have an understanding you get what you pay for, when it comes to this industry. Excellent design has the power to influence perception, the usability of a service and its accessibility, how effectively an organisation is able to communicate to their audience, and the success of the project. I pride myself in being able to do provide this.

“Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away” — Antoine de Saint-Exupery

I would love the opportunity to work amongst passionate and devoted creatives in the communications industry, within a visual designers network that provides clients with not only exceptional service and communication, but the very best creative communication solutions — design that can influence and have an impact on its audience — design that works.

The understanding of the principles of design, user experience and accessibility, communication strategy, the value of excellent copywriting, simple yet thoughtful user interface design, having a holistic understanding of print, digital and interactive design — and a methodical yet emotive approach to creative communication strategy — these are some of the skills necessary for a visual designer to  provide a holistic and valuable experience for their clients — I am able to provide not only the expertise I have accumulated over my career in respected advertising agencies such as Voodoo Creative and 2B Advertising and Federal Government departments such as the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Federal Police, Water Commission and many others, but the values I stand for as well — passionate for the work I do, professionalism, ethics, integrity and accountability.

Let’s work together, thorough research and concept development, effective client–designer communication, I will deliver excellent design that produces tangible results.

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